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Vacsafe are the foremost providers of hydrovac services and solutions for residential, commercial, and civil projects across Mudgee and Central West New South Wales. Utilising a fleet of state-of-the-art hydrovac units, our team can flawlessly carry out works that include hydro excavation, water jetting, potholing, waste and water removal, septic pump-outs, and sewer and drainage cleaning.

Our full range of hydrovac services are not only cost effective, but require minimal labour and machinery, and are a guaranteed means of completing quality works whilst simultaneously safeguarding surrounding environments and infrastructure.


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From Mudgee to Bathurst and everywhere in-between, you can count on the leading hydro excavation company to deliver


Our hydrovac service capabilities

We can carry out exploratory potholing to assist with identifying underground utility lines and assets, while ensuring that their structural integrity remains intact.


We offer a range of high pressure water jetting solutions, that can be utilised for multiple cleaning applications as well as blockage clearing, the removal of waste and build-up, and much more.


We provide hydro excavation services to a wide range of projects across Mudgee, able to tackle both large-scale, tight-access, and environmentally-sensitive excavations with ease.


Our licensed hydrovac units allow our operators to ensure the effective removal and safe disposal of water and a variety of liquid waste, including contaminated materials.


We provide septic pump-outs and tank cleaning services for both residential and commercial clients, and ensure that all works completed are of the highest quality and meet all regulatory requirements.


Our high pressure hydrovac units are capable of clearing built up debris in drains and pipework, and is also ideal for road drainage systems, stormwater pipes, and more.


Modern hydrovac units equipped with the latest technology

Vacsafe utilises a specialised fleet of high velocity hydrovac units when carrying out all of their hydrovac services. Available for hire in either a short or long term capacity, our trucks units are fully licensed and come equipped with a range of tank capacities which enable them to carry and dispose of a wide range of materials.


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If you have been seeking a clean, green alternative to traditional excavation, cleaning, and construction methods, the team at Vacsafe is here to help. We offer our wide range of hydrovac services to projects all across Mudgee and Central West New South Wales. Get in touch with our team today so we can create an action plan that targets the needs of your job.

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